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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Opening The Doors to

Welcoming the beloved MOAT-based TTT gamemode into our network.
Noah G.
Director of TERA
United States

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It's about time, right?

Please continue reading this blog post, as it will outline what this server is, what happens to previous players and donators from MOAT or MOAT-based servers, and what you can expect in the future near and far.

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We have all felt that empty hole in the community where TTT is supposed to be.
However, only a special type of TTT can fill this void. Since MOAT TTT disappeared from the garry's mod scene, it's time to revive this gamemode and keep it going like it deserves to be. Lately we have noticed a few communities simply taking the gamemode release and simply reuploading it with no intent to care for the gamemode or the community that supports it, and it's time for that to end.


"What can I expect from"
Well, the very beginning of the server will feel like the good side of moat never left. Constant updates and fixes while we prepare larger releases to the gamemode just for our community. Speaking of feeling like the good side of moat never left;
We will be offering item compensation, as well as donator rank transfers from other recent moat-TTT based servers.
Item Compensations will be available through the usual ticket system, however donator ranks will have to be claimed within a week (7 days) after the server's official release.

I shouldn't go on much longer, because the server is actually open right now.
If you are ready to play dirty against other players in a few rounds of TTT:
You can join the server by going to
You can join our Discord by going to

We hope to see you soon! - Noah G.


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